In 2019, global e-commerce sales amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars according to Statista, while the average online shopping basket has gradually decreased since 2008, from 91.2 to 61.5 euros, its lowest level during this period. As Internet users are increasingly demanding and want to go faster and faster, this has had an impact on e-commerce. Indeed, according to a study by the Baymard Institute, 68% of Internet users abandon their baskets along the way. This basket abandonment affects all sectors of activity and can be explained by different reasons. This is why more than a quarter of e-commerce sites have opted for an effective solution that does not require significant investment, as you will have understood, we are talking here about the relaunch of the abandoned basket. This emailing fits perfectly into an email automation strategy and can improve sales of your e-commerce easily and without cost. 

We will first study the reasons for the abandonment of the purchase process, then, we will look at the practices to adopt in order to succeed its email marketing relaunch, finally, we will apply these practices with Mailify.

Why is a basket abandoned ? 

There is a lot of reasons why visitors to your e-commerce site abandon their shopping carts, however, some of them are easy to identify and therefore to avoid. According to the Baymard Institute study, 35% of users abandon their shopping carts because they must create an account, 27% because the process takes too long and 24% because they are unable to calculate the total cost of the order. 

Please ensure that your shopping cart is easy to use and that it contains the necessary information before creating your abandoned cart reminder.

To do this, you can set up :

  • A “guest” account where there is no need to enter your personal information
  • A clear display of the purchasing process including all the steps of the purchase order
  • A summary of the order including any additional costs (transport costs, taxes) 

Although these abandonment factors are simple to solve, the main reason users abandon the purchasing process is the total price of the order which they consider too high.

This is where the email marketing reminder comes in.

Is it really useful to re-launch an abandoned basket ? 

YES ! 

As we said before, Internet users are becoming more and more demanding, however, visitors who have abandoned their shopping cart have shown a clear interest in your products or services, so it is easier to convert them than trying to acquire a new customer. Indeed, email marketing is particularly effective, just look at the figures highlighted in the study carried out by SaleCycle. According to this study 44% of the follow-up emails are opened, 12% of the cart abandonment follow-up emails are clicked and 30% of the clicks result in a purchase on e-commerce. Moreover, it is extremely easy to set up, and no technical knowledge is required to carry out these advanced automatic campaigns. 

So stay with us and learn how to create this type of scenario in just a few clicks with Mailify!

5 tips to create the perfect reminder emailing

  1. Take care of your presentation

First of all, the relaunch of an abandoned basket is characterized as a classic emailing campaign. Indeed, the presentation of your email marketing must inspire confidence but also and above all, allow the recipient to know who you are. To do this you must focus on three aspects :

  • The subject line : Customize the subject line of your email so that it is neat and concise. Using the first name of your recipient can be a good way to attract his attention: “Thomas, your basket is waiting for you…”. If writing that flawless subject lines results difficult for you, try turning to custom essay writers for help. Apart from academic writing help, they are also keen on crafting relevant content of all kinds.”
  • The message : Personalize the content of your email marketing according to the items in the shopping cart, clearly remind the abandoned product(s). You can also offer a discount or recommend additional products similar to the discontinued products.
  • Visual design : Highlight discontinued products with attractive visuals and use a colour code reminiscent of your brand identity and values.

2. Use effective CTAs

After personalizing your emailing, you must add call-to-action. CTAs are extremely important because they allow you to tell your recipient what to do and give them the motivation to do it. You should then not be too direct in the wording of your CTA by proposing for example to “consult” the basket, conversely, avoid words that are too directive such as “pay” or “buy” which can put off your customers.

3. Generate a sense of urgency

Fear of missing a good opportunity or not getting a desired item is a powerful conversion factor. That’s why it is very effective to skillfully communicate to your customer that they should finalize their purchases before their shopping cart expires.

Conversely, some users are hesitant to complete their purchases, so you can include positive reviews from customers who have purchased the same product as well as your warranties to reassure them. 

4. Don’t forget smartphones 

More than 60% of emails are opened and read on mobile devices. Moreover, in 2018, sales made on mobile devices accounted for 35% of total internet sales. You then need to create responsive campaigns adapted to all media to reach a larger target.

5. Watch out for the timing

The timing of your email marketing is probably the most important factor when it comes to an abandoned shopping cart. According to SaleCycle’s research, marketing emails sent 20 minutes after abandonment have an average conversion rate of 5.2%, compared to 4.5% after one hour and 2.6% after 24 hours. It is therefore more efficient to send a first email to the customer a few minutes after leaving the site, the best being not to wait more than 24 hours. You should not forget however that this is your first emailing, if you want to remind the consumer with “reminders”, it is advisable to wait between 12 and 48 hours for a first email, then 48 to 72 hours for a second reminder.

Create an abandoned basket scenario with Mailify

Create an automatic campaign with an “Abandoned Cart” trigger

This automatic scenario will allow you to trigger the sending of a sequence of emails when a shopping cart abandonment is noticed on your online store.

Prerequisite : you must have previously installed and updated the Mailify connector associated to your shop (Prestashop or Magento). Your shop must also be linked to your Mailify account.

From the home page, click on the button “Create a campaign” then on “Automatic campaign”. 

Next, name your emailing campaign and select the “Abandoned Cart” trigger.

Before creating your scenario you must indicate to Mailify on which site basket abandonments should be observed.

Then select the unsubscribe list(s) to be taken into account for this campaign. 

The contacts on this list will be automatically excluded from your mailings and those who wish to unsubscribe will automatically be added to it. You can also use a different unsubscribe method if you wish.

Once this step is complete, you will be automatically redirected to the tool to create your automatic scenario.

Now that your trigger has been set, it’s time to create your first emailing reminder, for this, nothing could be simpler, just click on “add a message”.

Select the Email Builder and take advantage of our pre-configured abandoned cart reminder template. This template has been created by our design and marketing experts and provides the essential building blocks for an abandoned cart reminder message.

You can also create your message from scratch. You will then be able to insert the content block “Basket” by simple drag and drop. The contents of the abandoned basket will then be displayed in your campaign.

In the block parameters, you can define the maximum number of abandoned products to display in your emailing. You also have the possibility to activate/disable the variables associated with the product (photo, title, description, price, column header, etc.) .

Product text formatting automatically propagates to all product lines. So you only have to change the style once, as you can see in the example below.

Once the message is finished and validated, you will be automatically redirected to the automatic campaign creation interface. 

You can then create other reminders and configure the sending of the next emailing sequences according to the behaviour of the recipient (opening or not of the previous message).

As soon as all your messages are completed and configured, all you have to do is activate your scenario.

You will have understood it, make the relaunch of an abandoned basket by email is extremely profitable since it improves your results and that almost without additional expenses. Moreover, the implementation of a scenario like this one is not complicated at all, especially when using Mailify.
So don’t wait any longer and create an account for free now !