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Upcoming Trends Every Software Development Company Should be Ready for In 2021


A very unique year is coming close to its end. So, experts are here to predict new trends in the software development industry. Software development is an important aspect of every business today. So, software development company India has become a significant asset to businesses as they help them innovate, grow, and evolve. Below are the software development trends that will dominate the software development industry in 2021:

Native Application Development Will Work Wonders

Native apps are software programs that can run on particular devices. A popular target device for native apps is smartphones. Since Android and iOS have taken over the world, businesses are now seen investing in different native apps for Android and iOS. Moreover, with the introduction of various cross-platform tools such as Flutter and React Native, investment in native apps is on the rise because they offer powerful performance and improved user experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT will see a great rise in 2021. Bluetooth trackers, smart home systems, smart wearables for fitness, point-of-sale beacons, and more, they are just a few possible uses for IoT technologies. For utmost productiveness, IoT should be blended with big data and AI. There will be various implementation opportunities associated with IoT that will assist enhance the quality of people’s life. Most efficient and affordable IoT devices are sure to change maximum industries. App developers India should enhance their skills needed to do coding for connected devices.

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Apache Spark for Big Data Computation

Earlier, it was the Hadoop Map-Reduce framework that was used for large scale database computation. But now, Apache Spark is on the top as far as cost and performance are considered. It has mainly targeted what Hadoop Map-Reduce lacked. Apache Spark processes everything rather than storing information after every information. It is believed to rule the big data computation industry in 2021 and the following years.

Expansion of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the top technologies and is expected to become more affordable, powerful, and widespread. Machine learning, deep learning, speech processing, etc will be used in healthcare, eCommerce, entertainment, and education apps. Artificial Intelligence helps organizations and businesses offer personalized experiences for clients and the trend is sure to continue in the next year as well in a cost-effective way.

Rust Will Top The Charts

Rust collected lots of attention from the programmers and software development companies India and abroad. Moreover, Microsoft is thinking to adopt Rust. Increasingly more companies are looking to adopt it in 2021 because it is more than a compiler or set of libraries. Rust intends to make programming safer, enjoyable, and easier for software development companies India.

Scala + Kotlin + Java = An Excellent Trio

Java will dominate the markets in 2021 as well. Java Virtual Machine provides an outstanding foundation for Java. Other widely-used programming languages such as Scala and Kotlin use JVM. All the companies and app developers India who use Scala, Java, and Kotlin now need to pay more subscription fees.

Microsoft/ Google/ Amazon

The cloud providers Microsoft, Google, and Amazon will continue to top the list and make a lot of money even in 2021. It looks like all businesses from small startups through to conservation organizations like government, health care, insurances, intelligence agencies, and banks are choosing cloud vendors. The trend appears to grow in 2021. So, if you have not moved to Cloud yet, it is the best time to do so. Cloud Vendors like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are offering free credits as well to try it.

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Human Augmentation

It refers to many technologies used to improve, complement, or replace the abilities of people. The human 2.0 technology exists as implants built in the body like devices to restore hearing or sight or external tools and devices like exoskeletons to enhance natural abilities. New use cases and technologies are on the way to improve human lives. Technology such as Google Glass is the beginning only.

Conclusion The trends in software development change every year and it will continue in the following years as well. More and more programming languages are expected to come and older languages will be lost. The software development industry is a highly competitive industry at present, mainly because technology can’t be kept away from businesses. Above were a few predictions for software development companies India can expect in 2021. But this isn’t an all-inclusive list. There will be surprises ahead.