Electric Scooters are a great alternative to getting around in Toronto. People often describe Electric Scooters as combining the best elements of travelling by car, bike and on foot. They have an engine so it’s super easy to get from place to place, without being all sweaty once you arrive. Like bikes, they can avoid road congestion and traffic. And like walking, they allow you to spend your time outside, enjoying the fresh air. Three amazing benefits, all in one easy to use Scooter!

To better understand electric scooter users, we chatted with a number of commuters from all across Toronto to hear their stories about how they commute on a daily basis. Here’s what we found:

Most Torontonians Commute At Least 15km Or More To Work Everyday

According to Statistics Canada and speaking to a number of individuals, most Torontonians live more than 15km away from the city center while a decent portion lives pretty close to the city center. Now you may be thinking… “if I live further away, I probably won’t have any use for my Electric Scooter right?” The answer is a big NO!

Most commuters in Toronto travel to work using either the Go Train, Go Bus or TTC. So instead of driving, you can simply take your Electric Scooter to and from your nearest transportation area. Simply get ready, unfold and ride your Electric Scooter to work, it’s as easy as that. No more having to get the car started, driving all the way to the parking lot, realizing there isn’t space, then driving around the block to find another parking spot.

If you live within 15km, instead of commuting using a car, biking, walking or public transport, you can instead use an Electric Scooter! Simply unfold and ride, and you’ll get to your workplace in no time! No more waiting for the TTC, only to find that it’s been delayed or you have to use a shuttle bus. No more driving through busy traffic, having to wait half an hour just to move a few blocks.

Curious to see how Electric Scooters can benefit your everyday life? Here are 4 great ways where Electric Scooters will be a great addition to your life!

Electric Scooters can go anywhere

Our view is that Electric Scooters are the better version of a bike. They have great speed, are super easy to use, don’t require you to be all tired and sweaty once you get to work, and it’s extremely flexible in the areas where it can go. Get to where you want to go through a combination of bike paths, sidewalks and narrow roads with easy maneuverability. 

They are easily foldable

Another reason why commuting customers love Electric Scooters is they are so easy to fold and unfold, making it super convenient wherever you go. Getting on public transport or arriving at work? Simply fold and carry with you. Need to store it inside your house? You don’t need to invest in a parking spot or a bike rack, simply unfold and keep in your house with ease.

Electric Scooters make the commute more fun

A lot of customers who live near the harbourfront area also work near the Financial District at Union Station. Their commute everyday is using the bike path and enjoying the warm, crisp air and beautiful harbour sights on an everyday basis. Instead of dreading your commute every morning, why not make it (or at least part of it) fun and exciting?

Try out a few new routes every day to change up your daily commute (i.e. harbourfront versus going down king street). Reduce the stress of having to catch a train, bus or beating traffic. And finally, enjoy some fresh air which can have some amazing health benefits in the long run!

Finally help save the planet, one scooter at a time!

By switching to using an Electric Scooter instead of cars or public transportation, you can help reduce the number of carbon emissions and help make Toronto and Canada a much greener place, starting with one Electric Scooter at a time.

Final Thoughts:
Electric Scooters are a great addition for any commuter, whether you are commuting a far distance to work or are within a close distance to work. They are easy to use, super convenient and flexible and will allow you to lead a much happier and more productive life. To start your journey, our recommendation would be the most popular electric scooter – the Xiaomi electric scooter. Here is a review of the difference between the two – Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro.

Guest Post by: TekTrendy