Just like women, men also do their best to look and dress the best they possibly can. It makes them come across as well put together to the opposite sex. Wearing the wrong outfits or not dressing well can lead people to question one’s fashion sense. There are certain rules that a man must have in mind on how to dress well.

Know how to rock a suit

When you are buying a suit, you have to make sure that it fits you perfectly. Not too long and not too short, pay close attention to the shoulders. The waist of the suit as well as the chest area can easily be altered but the shoulder is very tricky. A great-fitting men’s suit is especially important if you are trying to be a fashionable husband.

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Buy a good quality wristwatch

Some people believe that the worth of a man is measured by the watch that is on their wrist. There is no denying that a good quality watch is timeless, it can be seen in the same light as a piece of art.

There are so many brands of watches that vary in price but most celebrities opt to wear a Rolex. If you can’t afford one of those, just make sure you buy one that has the right depth, size and is comfortable. Try to have at least 3 wristwatches in your collection to suit every occasion.

Know how to color coordinate

Many men out there underestimate the importance of choosing outfits that have amazing color. Whether it is for formal or casual wear, make sure you pick something eye-catching. Prioritize outfits that are green, blue, purple, red, and black while staying away from grey.

Take care of yourself

The way that you look from a hygiene prospect is just as important as the outfits you wear. There’s no point putting in so much effort in making sure your outfits look great by washing and drying them if you can’t do that yourself. Have a very solid and simple grooming routine like cutting your nails when they are long, getting a haircut often, and trimming your beard.

Buy some good underwear

It doesn’t matter whether you are boxer shorts or briefs person, style is also what you are wearing underneath. Just like with clothes, you have to make sure they are comfortable, breath well, and can be washed regularly without fading.

Buy some good quality shoes

What you wear on your feet is very important and you have to pick shoes that fit the occasion. Know your foot size and buy shoes that are very comfortable to wear. Walking around in shoes that are too tight can be very uncomfortable and painful.

If you want to buy trainers, Nike, Adidas and Puma have good quality ones. If you are more into casual shoes, the majority of high street retailers got you covered with amazing plain black and brown shoes that can be worn with your suits.

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