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Today’s marketers are continuously creating content in some form or another, and the reason for doing that is simple.

Content marketing it’s one of the most significant ways to let people know about your product, your company, and your services. You should build awareness, get people talking about you, and keep them engaged.

Otherwise, your audience will not consider your product good enough, and eventually, your entire business may end up at the brink of catastrophe.

With so many competitors out there, with so many well-informed people who may or may not like your product or service, you should constantly improve the quality of your content.

You have to be innovative; you need to be very well aware of the current and upcoming trends.

You must be one step ahead of the competition. These are our new realities caused by social media presence, so it’s more than just an imperative to make sure that there is no compromise on your content quality.

However, we don’t want to discourage you. Content marketing strategy is nothing more than a road map for the success of your business. Developing it and creating valuable and engaging content is an inspiring thing to do – it’s all part of your brand development, after all.

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First of all, define your content marketing goals. Do you need to drive traffic to your blog? Do you need to attract more viewers to your how-to-do videos? Have you finally built your app, but no one is downloading it?

It helps to identify your problems and establish your realistic, achievable objectives; otherwise, you will be spinning your wheels and wasting your precious time.

One of the most shared content marketing goals is email signups or free trial signups. Your goal might be different, but you can adjust your strategy towards it.

Once you have determined why you’re making content, the following step in building your content marketing is to identify your ideal audience.

Who exactly will read, hear, or watch the content you create. And now, you should ask yourself if your product or service can help these people with their needs.

The correlation is simple – your audience will start growing if/when people realize that you offer something valuable and meaningful. Something they would emotionally respond to. Depending on your target market, keep in mind to create localized content. This is particularly important in the Chinese market. A China marketing agency like YIVA Digital can help you to get started

So, knowing your audience, reaching out to people with the answers and solutions to the most pressing questions will help you make a connection and build trust.

Without understanding who your audience is, you will not be able to create engaging content.

Once you have that understanding, it’s time to move from tactical to the technical implementation of your content marketing.

Remember that words drive social media. Even if you concentrate on developing the YouTube channel, you should know that your YouTube description is equally important as your video itself.

Do you want to know why? Because this description will boost your video’s SEO (search engine optimization) and YouTube rankings. Well-written YouTube descriptions will determine whether your videos rank on top or will be lost among millions of similar videos.

Therefore, if you write a blog post or a video description:

Make it at least 400-500 words
Don’t write more than 4-5 sentences per paragraph
Use bullets when possible
Make sure that you use bold formatting for important text
Don’t forget about copyrighting issues. You should always create original content
If it’s not a video description, add at least one image, a diagram, or other types of visuals
Be friendly. Let your text sound as if you are talking to the real person in front of you
And do not underestimate the importance of content creation apps. Some of them are incredibly resourceful, and you should incorporate them into your content-creating process.

The first app on my list is BuzzSumo – a must-have for anyone who creates written content.

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This platform performs real magic by searching the web for the most trending content that can help make your posts more engaging and highly informative. How does this magic happen?

This intelligent software analyzes millions of pages across the web, identifying all kinds of influencers and what they’re talking about.

Therefore, it will discover the most popular topics in your niche, so you could start writing on them to get more traffic and stay on top of everything from now on.

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One of the most helpful features offered by BuzzSumo is Content Alerts. The platform will monitor the Internet and alert you anytime your keyword is mentioned on social media, website, or anywhere else.

Using high-quality images and illustrations is not one of the options but imperative as well. You can easily enhance your posts with photographs from Unsplash – the internet’s source of freely usable images.

Regardless of what type of content you create, there is always a place for an excellent visual, including pictures, diagrams, charts, infographics, online videos, screenshots, and memes.

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If you want to create an eye-catching custom image, you can do it in minutes with the help of two great apps by Adobe: Spark Post and PS Express.

And if you want to challenge your creativity, you can try graphic design tools like Canva or Adobe Illustrator.

A one – to three-minute video to illustrate your text does wonders for attracting your potential customers. You can quickly create such videos with Wave.

This wonderful platform has hundreds of beautiful video templates and endless amounts of stock clips, making it a real lifesaver for small business owners.

Another way to engage your audience is short animated videos that allow you to illustrate any concept without requiring the ability to capture it on film. One of our favorite animation software – Animation Desk – will help you surprise your followers with original animated clips.

All you need is a little bit of inspiration and a couple of free evenings to determine if you are ready to become an animator and take your content marketing to the next level.

Short videos are fine for a blog post; however, if YouTube is your primary social media platform, you might want to add your video-making arsenal Write-on Video.

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This advanced and multi-featured yet user-friendly tool is designed for all storytellers out there. With several comprehensive editing tools, ready-to-use video outline templates, easily crafted storyboards – Write-on Video has it all. Just go ahead and unleash your inner filmmaker.

And the last tool we want to share with you is DupliChecker. The unique team of top-notch experts who built this versatile platform has created over 100 tools and made them accessible to people all over the world for absolutely free.

You should look at some of these tools yourself to see which ones suit your marketing needs, and don’t forget to bookmark the plagiarism checker. It is always good to know that your content is genuinely authentic.