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Workplace productivity has always been one of the major concerns for many entrepreneurs. This is due to the fact that much of their invested efforts and finance goes into laying down the foundation of the place of work. 

This is why they are eager to know whether their investments are producing desired results or not. Moreover, workplace productivity also correlates to businesses striving forward and generating earnings. Hence this concern is pretty much understandable from a business owner’s point of view.

According to a recent study published by Formstack, 85% of employees in offices are not engaged or actively disengaged at work, thus resulting in a $7 trillion loss. Furthermore, 64% of global business leaders reported that flexible working hours had a positive impact on productivity. 

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways through which you can empower staff to boost productivity.    

1. Authorization with Responsibility

First and foremost, it is extremely important that you design workplace policies that delegate tasks and this can later on hold employees responsible for any shortcomings. Your job descriptions and KPIs (key performance indicators) should clearly mention the roles and responsibilities that employees have to deliver in order to earn appraisals from the management.  Professionals at paper writing services can help you write relevant and quality job responsibility descriptions your employees will want to stick to.

You should discuss these things in detail and allow either the management or HR to follow up on the performance of employees on a periodic basis. Many companies also hire performance coaches to help boost the performance level of their employees.

This will enable your workers to understand that the place of work is solely dedicated towards the fulfillment of their assigned duties and that any discrepancies from their end would be reprimanded with consequences. 

2. Brewing Loyalty
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Secondly, your management staff and administrative staff should be clearly advised to bring forth new and fresh ideas to brew loyalty in your workforce. 

You must treat your employees and the rest of the workplace elements as one big family, where people feel that they are valued and cared for so that none of them ever feel alienated. Strong, powerful, and clear communication channels should be established so that employees can ask management to address their work-related concerns or issues. 

Include coworking day pass or setting up your office in a coworking space can help boost the staffs’ morale and increase productivity. It can be in a form of staff benefit where the staffs have access to amenities like Games Room or take a break in the Napping Pod. Unlimited tea, coffee and snacks around the clock makes us all happy as well! Check out the pros and cons of setting up your office in a coworking space vs. a conventional office space here.

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Plus you as a business owner should consider offering your employees with additional benefits like insurance and health coverage to make them feel at ease. Your management must adopt fair and just policies and shun all forms of discrimination and prejudices at the workplace. 

Only when your employees feel that they are treated equally and in an unbiased manner, they would feel loyal to your establishment.   

3. Creativity & Innovation*UecRKIEycgMH9YN9ASA_PQ.jpeg
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It is important to understand that creativity and innovation are both unbound and cannot be contained. These ideas and notions of self-improvement and betterment can come from any place and direction. This is why you should encourage employees to share what is in their head and ask them for suggestions to improve a particular workplace process. 

Meetings and discussions should be held where employees are favored to participate and supported to share their point of views pertaining to a particular situation or circumstance. 

When management listens to their employees, implements their ideas, and openly honors them for their creative talents, you will find your workplace becoming more productive and booming with activity.   

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4. Define Management Roles

At times there are conflicts that need to be resolved, and this may require intervention before things go out of the hand and worsen. Workplace conflicts are not bad at all, and they should be considered a norm, however poorly managing them can cause disruption in the workflow and hamper the productivity of your workplace. 

This is why the management should always be advised to follow best practices when handling such situations. They should be provided ample training to conduct their roles with as much positivity as possible. 

Both employees and managers should be empowered through well-defined roles that each has to play, and this will help you reduce confrontations during work hours and thus boost your organization’s productivity. 

5. Fostering Passion

Passion at the workplace is derived through intense excitement and enjoyment for your employees and the work that they undertake. You never want your workers to struggle at the workplace, which is why you should offer them new and enhanced solutions and tools for challenging problems

Bring noticeable energy to their work by asking them to take meaningful risks that lead to improvements in their performance. 

Furthermore, you need to make sure that your employees are inspired and in order to do that, you need to set examples, encourage high performers, showcase your support and build a team-oriented atmosphere. You can also prioritize passion at the workplace by giving it more weightage during the interview and selection process.  

6. Leading by Example
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The age-old trick in the book is perhaps also one of the most effective methods to boost productivity at your workplace. In order to encourage good performances, you should consider setting a great example through your management staff and even yourself. 

Leading by example, however, is not easy and as you and your management staff would be required to put their best conduct on display. This will allows others to follow in your footsteps in everything that you do. Set things right and follow business policies as well as best practices so that others can observe you and do the same. 

7. Professional Development & Training

The best way to empower your employees and boost their productivity is by offering them learning and training opportunities at your workplace. You should develop programs that sharpen their skills and enable serious professional development in your teams by asking them to participate in training programs. 

Create platforms, opportunities, and packages for your employees where they can learn new skills, sharpen their know-how, and become more adept at performing their duties. For instance, a decent Time Management course could do wonders for any team or department as they will learn to utilize their working hours more effectively and prioritize their daily tasks to meet targets and objectives.      

8. Taking Ownership of Work

Lastly, one of the greatest methods of empowering your staff and increasing productivity at the workplace is to motivate employees in taking ownership of their work and efforts. Hence if there is a project that your company is currently performing and you find various employees giving their all and putting in tremendous amounts of efforts, then the results of that project should be shared with the rest of the employees. 

Here you will be required to make a quick mention of those employees whom you and the management found delivering extraordinary efforts which help shaped the results and made them better. 

Many students nowadays utilize the best essay writing service UK so that they can cater to other projects and activities in which they like to participate and take ownership of their invested efforts. 

9. Rewarding Behavior & Efforts
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Reinforcing good behavior is also a great tactic to improve employee productivity at the workplace. You need to set milestones for your employees to achieve and make sure that they are backed with tangible rewards. This entices them to put in their best performances and excite them to accomplish set targets eagerly. 

Not only should they be provided with various forms of positive reinforcement, but their efforts and hard work should also be openly celebrated amongst your team members and workplace departments. 

An employee of the month certificate and memorabilia for those who have received such entitlements before them would help create an environment where your workers would dream of being a part of that celebrated group of individuals. 


Corporations and establishments around the world are continuously seeking ways to improve the productivity of their workforce. It is important to realize that taking feedback for your workers regarding improvements in the working conditions can also greatly improve work. 

Nevertheless empower your staff is indeed a resilient approach through which business owners and entrepreneurs can enhance workplace productivity. For more questions regarding the topic, please leave a mention in the comment section below.

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