Beauty products are there to enhance our skin to give it a natural glow. Buying products from your local chemist can be expensive for those on a low income however people are turning to homemade remedies because they are cheap.

Using homemade remedies to look after the skin, face, and hair has grown in popularity over the last 20 years. Below are a few homemade beauty tips you can do at home without breaking the bank

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1. When removing makeup, try using olive oil

When people hear the word olive oil, they immediately think of the one that is used for cooking. You can use olive oil to combat greasy skin. Your skin produces oil that is excreted when you sweat however using olive oil to remove makeup will leave your skin feeling fresh.

2. Try using coconut cream to make your hand cream

Next time you buy coconut milk from the supermarket, leave it in the fridge for a few days. This will make it thick and become creamy which you can use in your hand. This will soothe any dry skin you have and the best part about this is, it’s cheap.

3. Sugar and honey can help you make a wonderful exfoliator

Sugar is an ingredient that often gets a bad name because it can rot someone’s teeth to the core or cause diabetes. When used correctly, it can help repair any dead skin cells. If you combine honey and sugar, you will be able to make your very own exfoliator, and when you rub it on your skin, it will eliminate any dead cells.

4. Use beer to make your nails stronger

You can use beer to make your nails stronger as long as you follow a few steps. Grab some olive oil, vinegar, and beer, add everything together and then soak in your nail in the mixture for 15 minutes. You will have stronger nails when they dry up.

5. Try making your face mask out of yogurt

When you are shopping for desserts, try to buy some extra yogurt for your skin. Apply some on your face the same way as a face mask and then rinse it off with water. Greek yogurt is the best one to use.

6. Avocados make a good conditioner

Avocados are healthy foods and we are all encouraged to eat them as much as possible. To create your very own conditioner, you should mash your avocados and mix them with some mayonnaise and a blender or food processor. The conditioner you create can be used in your hair and roots stronger.

7. Use coffee to make your very own hair dye

Making hair dye from coffee is easy. All you have to do is just brew coffee, preferably grounded, filter it and leave it on the side to cool. Once it’s cooled, you are ready to soak your hair in it for about 30 minutes. After half an hour of being soaked, rinse your hair and be amazed. This technique will save you plenty of money and trips to the hairdressers.

8. Reduce or Stop Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol dehydrates your skin and drains it of important nutrients, giving skin a dry appearance. Over drinking may result in red, spidery veins. In order to avoid this, experts recommend drinking moderately- ideally no more than two drinks a day or completely stopping your alcohol consumption. If you think you may have an alcohol problem make sure to ask for help and learn about alcohol treatment options. Furthermore, drinking has been linked to an increase in oxidative stress and the highly reactive metabolite acetaldehyde within it is the key driver for skin damage. Chronic alcohol consumption also leads to mitochondrial dysfunction. Excess drinking has also been proven to shorten telomeres (protective structures at the end of chromosomes), accelerating aging. Binge drinking seems to be the most harmful and can age you incredibly.

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