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Five Ways to Avoid Letting Construction Ruin Your Road Trip


Taking a road trip can be a lot of fun. Not to mention, it can be convenient. You may spend more time driving in a car than you would flying on a plane, but you have complete control over what you pack, when you stop, and you don’t have to worry about dozens of other passengers you have never met before.

However, road trips also have their own challenges. Road construction is one of them. Whether construction workers are using cranes to build a new bridge, they are repaving the road, or they’re working on the shoulder, you could find yourself spending way more time in the car than you would like.

Don’t let it ruin your trip! Here are five ways to deal with construction zones while you’re on the road.

Plan Your Route

One of the best things you can do when getting ready to take a road trip is plan your route. Most of the time, you can plug in your destination and simply choose the shortest route, but if the route you choose is littered with road construction, it won’t end up being short at all.

Navigation programs, like Google Maps, allow you to do much more than plan the fastest route. Not only can you avoid tolls, you can also avoid road construction. Although the route you choose may be longer, at least your drive will be smooth, and it will be a lot less frustrating.

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Leave Early

Road construction isn’t always avoidable. That’s especially the case if you’re planning a long trip. The more time you spend on the road, the more likely you are to run into a construction zone.

Don’t make the situation even more frustrating by leaving for your trip at the last minute. Even if you aren’t meeting anyone at a specific time, you don’t really want to roll up to the hotel at midnight.

It never hurts to leave a little earlier than you originally planned. It allows you to build more time into your schedule for stops, if the kids have to go to the bathroom, and it will take the pressure off if you find yourself stuck in a construction zone.

Pay Attention

Dealing with a construction zone can be mind numbing, especially if you’re inching along the interstate or highway. It’s easy to start spacing out, but that could end up getting you in trouble.

Pay attention to the rules that are posted so you don’t find yourself in an accident. Follow the directions of flaggers and try not to merge at the last minute.

If you’re lucky, you’ll enter a construction zone with very little traffic. Don’t think that means you can speed! Not only could you end up getting a hefty ticket if you’re caught, you can also injure yourself, construction workers, or other motorists.

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Play a Game

Being stuck in a construction zone can be frustrating. If it lasts more than a few minutes and you feel the stress and frustration rising in the car, play a game with your passengers.

There are a lot of great road trip games you can play with other adults and children in the car. A few fun games to try playing the next time you’re stuck in traffic include:

  • Guess what someone is thinking with21 Questions
  • Connect actors in different movies with The Movie Game
  • Pick a category and name things in alphabetical order with Alphabet Categories
  • Choose the best song in a category with The Battle of the Bands

Find a Place to Pull Off

Dealing with road construction is stressful. If you can get away from it by finding a place to pull off, you should.

Pulling off the road might mean making a stop at a gas station, or it might mean trying to take the back roads for a few miles to avoid the rest of the construction zone. If you want to find something fun to do, consider searching for a fun roadside attraction. There are some kooky, unforgettable roadside attractions in every state that will take your mind off the road for a while.

Taking a road trip can be a great option for your family, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without frustrations. If road construction is one of the things that you end up facing while you’re behind the wheel, don’t let it ruin your vacation! These tips will help you keep your cool, and maybe even have a little fun if you run into a construction zone.