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COVID-19: How will the pandemic change the world?


The COVID-19 outbreak has massively changed people’s lives all over the world. Life as we know it will never be the same because it is not just health services that have felt the effects of this virus, but society, politics, and businesses have all suffered to some degree. This article will look at several ways this Covid19 Pandemic will change the world that we live in.

Government officials will come up with policies on how people socialize

This virus will make government officials across the world come up with ways in which we should conduct ourselves should this virus come back. This includes things like implementing lockdowns when they see fit, curfews, and advising people to wear masks and stay 2 meters apart at all times to stop the spread.

Countries will monitor the health of the citizens more because of this outbreak than before

While the tracking of personal health is already being used in China where the virus started, many countries across the world want to follow suit. They want to be able to track the people anyone who’s tests positive has been in contact with and where to reduce the spread.

While this system might cause controversy as it may be a breach of privacy, however, it is a very effective way of finding out where one might have caught the virus and finding those they have had in contact with.

Many businesses, especially in the leisure/service sector, will fail or restructure

The service and leisure sectors are high social and contact areas. They have employees and clients walking in and out of their doors. This virus will force them to rethink how they deliver their services. Many of them will need to make changes like allowing a certain number of people at a time. Some will have to let some employees go to balance the books and comply with social distancing rules because this virus will have hit their finances hard.

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The world will be more digital than physical

What COVID-19 has done is made plenty of people work from home. This has lead to the rise in digital sales as people are scared to put their lives at risk by going out and buying things physically. How we buy our things will change because of this virus as stores in the high streets will see fewer customers walk through their doors. Online learning is becoming a norm nowadays as people are not allowed to have face to face classess.

The COVID 19 pandemic will change how outbreaks are dealt with in the future

The 2020 coronavirus outbreak has taught world leaders the importance of earlier intervention before things get worse. If countries like the UK and the USA acted sooner and implemented their lockdowns within the first few cases, they would have saved so many lives. Any future outbreaks that come after COVID-19 will result in countries not taking any chances and implementing lockdown quicker to stop the spread allowing them to save more lives. An example has been Los Cabos, Mexico. They participated in a quarantine during the bushiest time of the year for them. The regions’ main source of income is tourism. A careful reopening plan for Cabo starting with the Los Cabos Airport helped reintroduce tourism with safety guiding the way. So much that other high-tourism regions are looking at them as an example.

The COVID-19 outbreak will change how society interacts with each other

This pandemic makes people now rethink how they interact with their family members, friends, communities, and neighbors. Everyone will be wary now of who they shake hands with or who they share their personal space with as no one will want to catch the coronavirus or pass it on to others.

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