Group Shots Can Be Hard

Families have known for years that group photos are hard. Mom usually goes a bit mad and dresses everybody in matching outfits, books the worst day of the month for everyone to get their pictures taken, forgets until the last moment, steps on the tail of the cat, and the kids pitch a hissy fit.

The pictures look fine at the end of the day, but the drama beforehand is legend. Well, even if you’re not looking to get a group photo with your family, a variety of issues can make the process complicated. Even so, it doesn’t have to be. There are a few things you can do to have really good results without the stress, we’ll explore them here.
  1. There’s A Reason Behind The “Cheese”

    Why do people taking photographs ask you to say “cheese”? It makes you smile naturally, and psychologically induces mild laughter. It also encourages everybody to focus on the speaker. Photographers always try to make people laugh. Well, you don’t necessarily have to say “cheese”. But getting everyone focused on one thing before you take a picture is smart.

    A firecracker could be used for a surprised funny shot, you might turn something on a television screen, or make a loud funny noise. The idea is commanding everyone’s attention prior the picture.

  2. Take Multiple Photos And Don’t Be Obvious About It

    No longer are you restricted by film limitations. Digital photos are accompanied with enough space, you can essentially take as many pictures as you like. So do so. Keep talking, keep taking pictures, have them pose and capture some photos, also snap a few in-between poses—candid moments are sometimes the best. Just don’t tell your vain aunty.

  3. Use Photo Editors Like Those Intended For Selfies

    Sometimes no matter how good the photo seemed to be, something shook the camera, there was a funky flash of light, or maybe one person was moving around too much. Well, some image issues can’t be fixed, but tools like Facetune’s selfie editor app can do a lot to make your photos look like they were properly captured the first time.

  4. Photograph Activities Where People Are In One Spot Already

    Are you at a family reunion capturing photos? When does everyone sit down to eat? Get photos of them at the table! Are you at a company function? Well, get a picture of everyone involved in recreational events, awards presentation, or anything else where the whole group is in one spot doing an activity.

  5. Good Lighting: Day Shots Are Good, Bright Lights Are, Too

    Find opportunities where exceptional lighting defines the space where everyone is gathered. Day shots are easiest, but at night there are instances where plenty of light captures everyone, too. Also, flashes on your camera can be helpful, but they also may put reflections in the eyes of those who you’re photographing. Editor apps can fix that, though.

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Better Group Photos With Less Hassle

Good lighting is key for solid photography—especially as regards group photos. Something else you want to do is determine which activities are going to have everyone in one spot and be sure you’re there to capture the photo. Have some sort of photo editor like Facetune readily available to help you fix little issues that can be corrected via software.

Remember: you’re using digital cameras in all likelihood today, which means you can take multiple photos—so capture twenty or thirty of them between specific poses and during candid moments. Lastly, get everyone to say “cheese”, or something similar. You don’t have to use that specific word, but you want groups facing you and smiling—find a way.

Such tips should help you get the best group photos without having to bend over backward and contrive everything. Here are some more strategies you might want to look at as well.