Cash home buyers are certainly a different breed of person. We handle many challenging real estate situations that people don’t know how to navigate through, and we do it with a freaking smile. The biggest challenge is that we have to find those people! And what’s the best way for us to find them? By being on the top of Google search results so, can they find us! If you’re a cash home buyer who’s been struggling to rank in the top three spots on Google’s search results, or you want to add some extra juice and improve your results, this article is for you. With that, let’s dive in!

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Credibility Is Key

One thing you can do to give it to dominate Google search results is to focus on your credibility as a business. What do I mean by credibility? I’m referring to how potential clients will perceive you when they browse your website, watch your videos, scroll through your social media posts, and scan your business pages. You want them to see you as an authority in your field for whatever geographical area you’re serving.

For example, I live in Greenville, North Carolina, and right now, we are the dominant authority on cash home buying in our area. We developed this persona by pumping out a ton of educational content focused on helping our clients make educated decisions when selling their homes. Sometimes we end up buying or listing their house, which is excellent! Other times they’ll use the things they learned from our content and find a different solution that works better for them. That’s is a big win too!. We want to show people that we are not just in it to make a boatload of money; we want to make sure that we provide long-lasting value for them and provide educational resources that will help them for years to come. Doing so is a sure-fire way to show Google that you’re credible and dominate the search results.

Use Videos In Multiple Ways

You’re making the videos anyway, so why not use them in every way you can? We do this because Google can’t read videos. I know that sounds dumb, but it’s a straight-up truth. Google cannot read pictures or videos. So, what do we do? The first thing we do is post the video on YouTube and add additional links in the description leading back to our site and other relevant content. The next thing I do is make what’s called a video post on my website. Video posts are created by embedding a video at the top of a blog article and typing or pasting from youtube the transcription below the article. Our website provider also gives us the option to transcribe the video for $1.25/minute and make it look like an actual blog post.

The next thing I do is post the video directly to Facebook. I don’t use YouTube links to post videos to Facebook. Facebook shows videos to more people when they are native to their platform. What I’ll do is upload the video and include a link to the video post I created. Doing so creates a backlink to what Facebook and Google see as relevant content. That backlink makes your site look that much better and will catapult you to the top 3 results, as long as you’re consistent!

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Educational Content

As mentioned above, we focus on educating our clients to make better decisions when selling their houses in our area. We do this by pumping out a lot of educational content that can help them today, tomorrow, and any time in the future. When content can stand the test of time and maintain relevance, it’s known as Evergreen. Evergreen means that regardless of whether they watch your video tomorrow or in 50 years, the principles will still be relevant to them and help them with their situation.

Take, for example, a video that is helping someone understand the foreclosure process. Things tend to change over the years, but functions like foreclosure are solid and would take a very, very long time to make any meaningful change, let alone render your content irrelevant. The same thing goes for divorce, probate, and many other problems that property owners encounter. The wheels of government turn slowly, and that’s a boon for your business! Reflect on the needs of your clientele and craft written, video, and social content aimed at addressing their needs. If clients ask you questions, write those questions down and record yourself addressing that question on a video. Consumers are more educated than ever, and if you’re the one helping educate them, who do you think they’ll come to when they need to sell their house?!

Use Your Client’s Own Words

Whenever possible, always use the words of your clients when you were creating your contact. When you do a testimonial video, listen closely to what they’re saying. Ask them pointed questions that help you understand their situation. Write down sentences, phrases, and questions that stick out to you. Use these phrases verbatim when you are working on your contact. The reason we do this is that in our society, people tend to say the same things. Not all the time, but their words tend to reflect the norms of their area. If one person is saying it, another person is either saying it or thinking it and the one thing that Google does well is to figure out what that person is thinking and drive them results based on their thought process. Using your client’s exact words is a relevant, simple way to dominate SEO.

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is vital in everything you do in life. If you start things and never finish them, you’re never going to get anywhere, and that will never change. Regardless of whether we’re talking about branding, content creation, or just plain messing around on social media, consistency will drive more people to notice what you are doing and improve your results in the long term.

Post on your favorite social media business pages at least five times a week. I like to create at least 2 to 3 posts each week that link back to blog articles I’ve written. I also include a short description of that article with a couple of relevant and eyecatching emojis. Crafting posts in this way helps me on the SEO side by generating social signals that allow Google, and Facebook for that matter, to see that people are engaging with and viewing my cash home buyer content. Doing this skyrockets my credibility and helps me stay in the top three search results for my selected keywords! Hmmm… 🤔 Speaking of keywords…

Capitalizing On “Key Words”

Regardless of how many times Google changes its algorithm, keywords will always be a part of a solid SEO strategy. Not only do you want to make sure that you’re highlighting these keywords on the different pages of your website, but you also need to be sprinkling them throughout your content. Choose a handful of keywords that you want to focus on and get ranked for in Google searches. Sprinkle those throughout your content on your website, and be sure to add them as tags or categories on your blog post. It also helps to use those keywords as anchor text for links that send your readers to additional, relevant content on or off your website.

Don’t focus all of your energy on keeping visitors on your website as long as possible. If you find an article that would help your readers expand their understanding of the topic, link to that article from your post. You can even reach out to that site and ask if they can provide a backlink to your post or website. In real estate transactions, cash home buyers create win-win solutions. Why would we do anything differently when it comes to SEO?! Take this article, for example. I’m writing it for free to get a backlink from a high 40+ Domain Authority site! Win-win!

Video Testimonials

Suppose introductory text and star reviews are the gas that pushes a business forward. In that case, video testimonials are the high octane rocket fuel that blasts your website into the stratosphere of Google search results! While well-written reviews have their place, poorly written reviews draw a lot of skepticism and can tarnish your credibility. Unfortunately, there’s only so much control cash home buyers can have over what our clients are writing. The only thing we can do to circumvent that is writing the review for them, have it approved, and having them post it on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc. But this is just plain and disingenuous.

There is nothing more personal than watching a video of someone explaining how you helped them overcome their real estate problem. The challenge is that most people are camera shy and don’t want to record a video. The great thing about being a cash home buyer is that we help people out of horrible situations. Once they are free, they are generally happy enough with our services to provide that video testimonial. My buddy Britt Buchanan is one of those people who would always turn away from the camera when someone’s taking a picture, but because we were able to help him, he agreed to do this video testimonial.

Keep video testimonials short and sweet. Short durations keep the recording time palatable for the client and allow you to use those videos in multiple ways. Use them as Facebook ads, post them on your website, do a video post, take the transcription of that post and use a sentence changer to alter the text and submit it to a website like this one for a backlink… you get the idea. 😜

Take Action Today

Look, I just threw a boatload of action items at you that you can put into use today and drastically change your SEO results. If you’re not full-time in the business, don’t get discouraged by how much there is to it. What I want you to do is pick one or maybe two of the things you read above and implement them right now. You can read all you want and educate yourself into submission. Some people say, “I need to know 100% of everything about something before I get going.” but if you wait for all the lights to be green when you’re driving to California, you’ll never start your journey. Why you would be going to California in the first place is beyond me, but it is what it is. Apparently, there’s a lot of sunshine? 🤷🏻‍♂️

I hope you got a lot of value from my article. If this article helped you out, please reach out and let us know how it helped you and what other kinds of content you’d like to see!.