Many illicit drugs make their way into youth parties these days. Though all party drugs are considered extremely dangerous, some can have specific medical benefits. However, since most of them cause more harm than good, they are still illegal.

Some studies are also showing up, proving the benefits of certain drugs that are mostly used for recreational purposes. Today I am going to tell you about five common party drugs that have health benefits as well. Some of them are usable and legal, while others might not be the way to go.

Either way, keep reading to learn more. 


Of course, we can’t talk about drugs with medical benefits without mentioning weed. Cannabis is perhaps the safest and most available drug on this list, which has a wide range of medicinal benefits. Unlike some of the other drugs on this list, a lot of studies have been done on the medical benefits of cannabis, and it has been legalized in Canada and most states of the US.

Cannabis has many amazing medical benefits; some of the more prominent ones are stated below. 

  • Cannabis can help numb chronic pain
  • Cannabis can counter the feeling of nausea
  • Stress and anxiety can be treated effectively with cannabis
  • Weed is an effective natural alternative for antidepressants.
  • Weed can help you get better sleep at night.
  • It can increase your metabolic activity, blood flow, and the efficiency of your immune system.
  • Marijuana can help regulate blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. 
  • It can decrease the risk of mental deterioration diseases like dementia.
  • It can help cancer patients counter the side effects of chemotherapy.

Apart from all these medical benefits, the fact that makes cannabis a viable natural alternative to the treatment of many diseases is that it is safe to use; in fact, studies have shown that cannabis is more reliable than tobacco, and it is almost impossible to overdose on it.

Furthermore, you can also get some non-psychoactive cannabis derivatives like CBD oil and edibles, that give you most of the medical benefits, without getting you incredibly high.

Therefore, you should check out Kootenay weed, where you can get different strains of cannabis and other cannabis products.

Magic mushrooms:

Another typical psychedelic that is commonly found in college parties is Magic Mushrooms. Now there is a wide variety of mushrooms that can have psychedelic effects, some of which are also legal. These mushrooms are also a reasonably safe drug as compared to other substances like cocaine and heroin.

Furthermore, there is a decent amount of research that supports the medical benefits of Magic mushrooms, though the FDA has not approved them for anything. Here are some common medical benefits of magic mushrooms. 

  • Magic Mushrooms can be used to treat specific symptoms of depression.
  • They can help people recover from alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, and smoking.
  • They can be used to treat Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
  • They are also useful in countering cluster headaches.

Magic mushrooms have a compound called Psilocybin; this is the compound that causes hallucinations; however, it is all responsible for the above-mentioned medical benefits. Moreover, like cannabis, mushrooms are also a considerably safe drug. It is tough to overdose on them; however, taking a lot of them can lead to a bad trip, which may be accompanied by severe hallucinations, nausea, anxiety, and headaches.

 Therefore, whether you are using mushrooms for medical or recreational purposes, be careful with the dosage.


Kratom is a party drug that may not be as common in the West; however, it is all the rage in Southeast Asia, where it originates. Though it is illegal in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia, Kratom is legal in the US and Canada. 

Kratom has opioid-like effects, but without the severe dependency issues, which makes it a hit at parties, but the fascinating thing about Kratom is its several medical benefits. Here are some of the significant medical benefits of Kratom.

  • Kratom can counter extreme chronic pain and is an effective natural alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers. 
  • Kratom can relieve feelings of anxiety and help you relax.
  • It can boost your energy and improve your focus.
  • Kratom can help in the management of diabetes.
  • Addicts can use Kratom to aid and accelerate their recovery.

You can get Kratom from any local herb store. It is available in the form of capsules, and you can also directly use the leaves to make Kratom tea. 


Ketamine is a class-3 scheduled substance approved to be used in medical environments as an anesthetic; however, it is more common among recreational users, because of its hallucinogenic effects.

Ketamine or “Special K” is a reasonably popular party drug that is used by people at raves and concerts. Where this drug can make you dance like nobody’s around, it can also have some medical benefits according to recent studies.

A study from 2012 indicated that ketamine could stimulate the growth of Synapses, which can have a therapeutic effect on people battling chronic depression. Some research also suggests that ketamine can be used to counter chronic pain.


Ecstasy is another synthetic compound known for causing hallucinations, and it is used a lot at parties, concerts, and raves. Though the drug is illegal, it is still readily available and used by many young adults and teenagers.

However, some studies have recently shown that Ecstasy can also have some medical benefits. Firstly, it can be used for the treatment of PTSD. Secondly, studies also show that it can help fight disorders like Leukemia. 

However, do the benefits outweigh the risks involved in using the drug? This is a question that needs to be considered before using Ecstasy. 

Final thoughts:

Almost every drug or controlled substance can have some medical benefits; for instance, even cocaine and alcohol have some advantages. However, aside from cannabis, I don’t believe that any other substance has significant enough benefits to be considered as actual medications. Therefore, be careful when using them and stay safe.

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